Beyond what’s there

Claudia: «I love you for who you are and not for what you have.»
Adriano: «True, but if I didn’t have what I have, I wouldn’t be who I am.»


You’re still under my skin

I believe love is eternal. But love is a flame that constantly needs to be blown on, otherwise the flame becomes smaller and dies out, and it’s difficult to light it up again. And sometimes it can’t be lit up again.



Two warriors in love

They’d rather be known as warriors in love rather than the most beautiful couple in the world. Claudia Mori and Adriano Celentano celebrate their 50-year anniversary. A milestone that Claudia chose to celebrate by publishing a book with a title that describes their relationship: after half a century they still feel like “two warriors in love”. 1953, it’s love at first sight on the set of “Strano”. They get married the following year on July 14th, in the middle of the night in a church in Grosseto. They wanted a small ceremony. […]

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